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Some projects worked on whilst working for True Digital


Some projects worked on whilst working for Beef

Brizzle Ipsum

The Brizzle Ipsum (Bristol Lorem Ipsum) generator was developed after discovering two Bristol Dialect Dictionaries - MintInit and The Dialect Dictionary.

The generator is a very simple application that uses PHP to generate sentences based on a list of words provided, and then generates paragraphs out of sentences. I developed a small API that the application uses so that requests could be made via Ajax to speed up the process.

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Client Side Project

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Moustache Booth

Moustache Booth is a cure for any baby faced youths that lack the natural ability to grow a nose neighbour. It is a very simple application that uses getUserMedia to access the users webcam, HTML5 Canvas to draw the image and also uses face detection to determine where the moustache needs to be placed.

The whole idea for the Moustache Booth came from attending Web Developers Conference in 2012, and becoming inspired from the talk that Syd Lawrence gave, 'Get inspired to make stuff'. Syd briefly mentioned in his talk that 'getUserMedia only required like two lines of code to work'. After some discovery into the getUserMedia and the HTML5 API, Moustache Booth was born.

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LastFM Dashing Widget

I discovered a dashboard framework called Dashing, which had been developed by the awesome people at Shopify, and was very keen to build a LastFM based widget for this framework.

The widget I developed displays the most recently listened to track or the song that is currently playing via the LastFM API, as well as displayed album art for the track if the LastFM API provides any.

Client Side Project

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Beef Middleman

Middleman is a command-line tool for creating static websites using all the shortcuts and tools of the modern web development environment.

Beef Middleman is a blank Middleman app, with a few basic settings created so you don't have to repeat some tasks every time you want to set up a new app. Beef Middleman does also come bundled with Platter.

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Craig Will Fix It

'Craig Will Fix It' is a small bookmarklet that replaces images of Jimmy Savile with the NSPCC logo and hotline number.

This side project idea was spawned from a tweet, that asked for someone to 'build a Chrome/Firefox extension that replaces all these Jimmy Savile photos with NSPCC adverts'. After seeing this, I wanted to roll my sleeves up and see what I could accomplish.

Instead of developing a browser plugin, I used my Javascript knowledge to develop a small bookmarklet that would give the same funcationality. The bookmarklet works by searching the source code for images that contain 'Savile' in either the file name or the alt text. If an image does match either of these two options, the image is then replaced with the NSPCC logo and hotline number.

Client Side Project

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The spiritual successor to Beefplate, Platter is a starting point for many web projects at Beef. It is a combination of lots of work by many people, compiled and put together with some parts written / re-written by myself and Liam Richardson.

Platter is far from a finished product, but is aimed at being a neutral start for the variety of projects that we take on. Platter and its predecessors have been used for apps and sites built in Ruby on Rails, Noodall, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Middleman, Sinatra as well as Static HTML sites.

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